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A Natural Health-Supporting Breakthrough

More people are learning that Myshroom mushrooms have a mix of special chemistry which benefits the body’s ability to fight and prevent chronic diseases. In ancient texts originating in China over thousands of years ago is recorded that various species of mushrooms were used to treat various illnesses. We have found hybrid mushroom strains from universities that possess health supporting chemistry, and are considered “medicinal.” Myshroom® products include proprietary blends of hybrid-strains of extreme-quality medicinal mushrooms created in the labs of universities targeted to support the Immune and nervous systems. These products are the ultimate natural health improvement solution. Add the powder blends to your favorite foods and drinks to support your health, fitness, and life. 

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Benefits of Myshroom® Blends 

Brings the body’s functions into balance: 

➢ Supports the immune system 

➢ Supports the nervous system 

➢ Supports blood sugar balance 

➢ Supports liver and kidney function 

➢ Supports brain function 

➢ Supports hormone function

➢ Supports fitness, exercise-recovery, skin-aging and quality of life 

Extreme-quality Pure, Organic Mushrooms 

Made from proprietary hybrid-strains of medicinal mushrooms developed at university laboratories 

➢ Grown in a sterile environment with sterile air, water and organic certified substrates (no soil used)

➢ Consists of proprietary blends of the whole medicinal mushrooms, with no extracts or chemicals

➢ Myshrooms are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and an essential part of a diet 

The Science behind MyShroom® 

➢ During the growing process, the mushrooms exude proteins to digest food from our pure organic substrates 

➢ The natural chemistry contains beneficial enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides, acid molecules and all the essential amino acids 

➢ The chemistry found in the mushroom blends stimulates your immune and nervous system to support your body’s chemistry

➢ Acid molecules have been shown to break down the membrane causing apoptosis of gram- negative bacteria and viruses which may be resistant to antibiotics

➢ The chemistry found in the mushrooms supports improved flow of glucose, adrenaline, and insulin into human cells

➢ Myshroom blends support improved cholesterol levels, ATP production in all cells, dilation of blood vessels and the absorption of free radicals 

➢ Myshroom blends consist of 100% rare medicinal mushroom strains

➢ Medicinal mushrooms are a safe food to consume by the FDA 

New! Myshroom® Protocols 

➢ To receive the full benefits, we strongly recommend our Protocol plans 

➢ Myshroom Protocols range from 6-months to 12-months 

➢ In all Protocols, may be ship and bill monthly 

➢ Alternatively, you can purchase the Monthly Dose Packs separately. 

Products in various size packages: 

➢ Immune Health, Cognitive Health, Liver Health and Blood Sugar Health 

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Note: Myshrooms are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. All statements have not been evaluated by the FDA