Recipe for juice or smoothie 

Unsweetened almond or coconut milk     2 or 3 cups
Ground flax seeds                                        5 tablespoons
Myshroom® mushroom blend                   8 to 12 teaspoons
A liquid mineral blend with fulvic acid     3 tablespoons 
Silica (if not part of mineral blend)           30 mg  
Bs, C and D3 vitamins                                or multi vitamin with (B12)     
Ionized water                                               1 cup or more

Suggested additions
Fresh organic greens of your choice          3 cups
Fresh organic fruit of your choice             2 or more cups
Liquid multi vitamin                                   daily dose
Protein powder                                           6 tablespoons
Organic Ground chia seeds                       6 tablespoons
Organic Ground cumin seeds                   6 tablespoons
Organic Moringa powder                          1 tablespoon
Organic Maca powder                              1 tablespoon
Other vegetables                                       carrot, beet, etc.
Other spices                                               to your taste

Organic sweetener if desired.   The amount of smoothie or  juice  made (the size of blender or juicer used) A natural sweetener: Stevia, erythritol, honey, etc.  Stay away from all forms of cane sugars and corn syrup.

Salad dressing recipe

Organic Cider Vinegar                                2 cups

Lemon Juice                                                1/4 cup

Olive Oil if chosen                                    2 cups (Alternative is to increase lemon juice)

Myshroom® mushroom blend              3 Tbsp.

Garlic                                                          2 Tbsp. (If fresh – crushed)

Oregano                                                    2 Tbsp.

Pepper if chosen                                     To taste 

Parmesan cheese if chosen                  2 Tbsp.


Suggested additions

Organic Cranberries                              3 Tbsp. finely chopped

Mango                                                     3 Tbsp. finely chopped

Organic Apples                                      3 Tbsp. finely chopped

Tumeric                                                 3 Tbsp.

Chia Seeds                                            3 Tbsp. ground

Mix all together.  Before using remix so those spices that may 

settle to the bottom are spread through out the dressing.